Support Policy FAQ

Support Policy FAQ

Below you will find frequently asked questions about our Support Policy.

What license do I need to purchase to receive support through the Ironman Software Support portal? 

Our licenses for organizations include access to our support portal. Licenses for individuals can utilize our community forums for help with our products. To learn more about our license types, click here

How long do I have support after buying a license?

Support is included with all active subscriptions to our products. While a license may be perpetual, if the subscription is no longer active, support is no longer provided.

What response time can I expect when opening a ticket?

We make our best efforts to respond to tickets within 24 hours when tickets are opened during standard business hours. Tickets opened on weekends or during U.S. holidays will likely be delayed. 

Is there a maximum number of tickets I can open? 

While we do not maintain a maximum number of tickets, we do ask that you use discretion when opening tickets. We suggest searching our knowledgebase, changelogs, documentation and posting on the forums before opening a ticket. For bugs and feature requests, feel free to open an issue directly on our public issue tracker

How do I get the most out of my support ticket?

Ironman Software engineers will likely need information about the product you are using and how it is configured. When opening a ticket, we suggest including the following information.
  1. Product Name
  2. Product Version
  3. A good description of the issue you are encountering.
  4. Hosting information (PowerShell Universal) such as IIS, persistence method and if you are using a cloud service
  5. Any relevant logging 
  6. Any configuration files that can be shared
  7. A sample of code without personally identifiable information that can be used to reproduce the issue on another system
We may request additional information through the course of the ticket. 

How do I know the status of a bug or feature I have requested?

When a ticket has been triaged and results in either a bug or feature request, an issue in our public tracker will be created. The Ironman Software support engineer will share the GitHub URL to the issue in question. If you have a GitHub account, you can subscribe to notifications about the issue. 

Issues will be assigned to milestones that will dictate when the issue is planned to be resolved. Issues without milestones are currently not scheduled. Issues that are the result of a support case receive priority in our development queue. 

Will you help me implement a solution with your tools for me? 

While we take every effort to help our customers succeed, knowledge of PowerShell is a requirement for developing solutions with our tools. We do not provide custom development services as part of our general support. We will make a best effort to address issues integrating your code with our platform, but we will not be able to debug scripts directly. For additional consulting options, please contact us. 

Do you offer higher tiers of support?

We currently do not offer higher tiers of support. Please contact us for additional consulting options. 

Aside from email, is there any other forms of support?

Depending on the issue, we may request a screen share to identify and address issues. We take advantage of Microsoft Teams for support calls but can accommodate other technologies, if required. 

I need support before purchasing a license because I want to ensure the product meets my needs. Can I open a ticket? 

We recommend opening a forum post if you have a question while just getting started. If you are not receiving the answer you are looking for, you can open a ticket but tickets opened by unlicensed users will not receive the same priority as our licensed customers. 

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