Sales FAQ

Sales FAQ


Are free trials available? 

Yes. Free trials are available for our products. You can request a trial key here

Are trials fully functional?

Yes. Trial keys enable all the features of our products. 


What sort of licensing model to your products use?

We use a subscription-based licensing model that includes a perpetual fallback license when purchasing a year or longer license. Monthly subscriptions do not include a perpetual fallback license. With an active license\subscription, you will receive support via our Support Portal (if a business entity) and the ability to upgrade to new versions of our software. We provide licensing for business entities as well as individuals. For more information about the differences, click here. PowerShell Universal is licensed per server. A server is a running instance of PowerShell Universal. Enterprise licenses are available to allow for unlimited servers within an organization. 

Are additional licenses required for developers running PowerShell Universal locally?

No. You can generate developer licenses within PowerShell Universal to allow for developers to run it locally. This license causes a watermark to display in any apps and within the admin console. It is not intended for production use and against the terms of the license. 

I've upgraded my product and now it says my license has expired. Why does the perpetual license not cover this version?

Our perpetual fallback license allows for running versions of the software released during your license period. For example, if you purchase a license on January 1st, 2024, you could use versions released before January 1st, 2025. If you do not renew your subscription, you will not be able to run versions of the software after January 1st, 2025. 


Where are product prices listed? 

You can view all our product prices on our FastSpring Storefront

Can I sync dates for license renewals?

Yes. We can offer quotes to align license renewal dates. Please contact us for more information. 


How do I purchase Ironman Software's products?

You can order products through our secure online store. Ironman Software does not process orders directly. We have partnered with FastSpring to process all online orders. 

How to I receive a quote for a product?

You can generate quotes using our online store. For a step-by-step guide, click here.

Will you create a quote for me?

While we prefer you create quotes via our online store, we are happy to create quotes if desired. Please contact us for more information. 

Do you seller through resellers?

Yes. You can find a list of our current resellers here.

What types of payment do you accept?

While it depends on your country, we typically accept major credit cards, ACH, wire transfers and physical checks. All payments are processed through FastSpring. You can find more information on FastSpring's consumer support page.

Pre Sales

Do you provide demos of your software?

Yes. We are happy to schedule 30 or 60 minute demos of our software. We typically can only do so during business hours in the central United States. 

Will your fill our vendor assessments or other similar forms?

Yes. We are happy to fill out reasonably simple forms that are required to onboard Ironman Software as a vendor for product purchase. As a small company, it can be very time consuming to fill out lengthy and complex vendor assessments. If a form is of excessive length or scope, we require to charge for Administrative Services to account for the increase workload in processing such requests. Please contact us for more information.

After Purchase

What is Ironman Software's return policy?

If for some reason you experience problems with a purchased product that cannot be resolved by our support staff and will prevent you from using the product, we offer a 30-day money back guarantee. 

How to I access my license key?

Your license key will be available within your account. Please use the same email address you used on your order.

How do I download the software that I purchased? 

You can download your software from our Downloads page.

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