KB0072 - UDDataGrid expands beyond the size of the screen

KB0072 - UDDataGrid expands beyond the size of the screen


This article applies to users creating apps within PowerShell Universal and using UDDataGrid. 


The data grid does not have any defined size. It will expand to the size of its container. This could be elements such as the page itself, a UDPaper or UDCard. If the container does not define static sizes, the data grid can expand the parent component and stretch beyond the limits of the page. 


To contain large data grids to the size of the page, you can use the boxsizing CSS property on a card or paper. 
  1. New-UDPaper -Elevation 1 -Content {
  2.                #Place grid or content here and it stays within width of screen
  3. } -Style @{
  4.      boxsizing = 'border-box'
  5. }

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