KB0055 - Blank Admin Console or No Updates After Upgrade

KB0055 - Blank Admin Console or No Updates After Upgrade

Affected Versions

- PowerShell Universal 4.2.x


When navigating to subpages (such as /admin/automation/scripts) in the admin console, the page will display a blank page. Navigating directly to the /admin URL will load the page. Additionally, upgrading from a previous version to a newer version does not show the updated admin console. 

Root Cause

A service worker was registered in the 4.2.0 - 4.2.5 releases of PowerShell Universal to support a progressive web application installation. The registration was not complete and causes the browser to cache the admin console even after upgrades. 


The workaround is to clear the browser cache to reload the admin console HTML, JavaScript and CSS files. Press F12 in your browser and navigate to the Application tab. Click the Application \ Storage link and then click Clear site data. Ensure that you have Unregister service workers checked. You will be loaded out of the application but the cached files will be cleared. 

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