KB0014 - Enterprise versus per-server licensing FAQ

KB0014 - Enterprise versus per-server licensing FAQ

Below are some questions commonly asked about the benefits of purchasing an Enterprise license vs. individual per-server licenses.

Q: What is the benefit of an Enterprise license vs. a Per Server license?
A: The Enterprise license allows an unlimited number of servers for your organization.

Q: What is the cost benefit comparison between per Server PSU for organizations vs. the Enterprise license?
A: The break even for enterprise vs per server is 10 instances. In other words, 10 individual server licenses would be the same cost as enterprise. If you never plan to have more than 9 licenses then you're better off staying with per-server licenses. If you plan to have 10 or more instances then the Enterprise license would make sense.

Q: What other benefits does the Enterprise license provide besides being able to run on limitless servers?
A: It's currently just the price break. It includes the same support and maintenance as the per server license.

Q: How can I pay by invoice?
A: For an Enterprise license, we'd generate the quote ourselves and you can certainly pay by PO and invoice.

Q: What about my test/dev servers?
A: Once you purchase and install a license, you may then generate a Developers license with limited functionality for your test servers. Please see the documentation at https://docs.powershelluniversal.com/licensing#developer-licenses for more on this. See KB0011 for more on this.

Q: Can a Per Server license be used in a containerized environment with multiple containers?
A: "Per Server" is referring to the PowerShell Universal server itself and not how it is hosted. For example, you could run 2 PowerShell Universal servers on a single physical server, but you would need 2 licenses since the license is based on running PSU instances.