KB0018 - An anonymous request was received in between authentication handshake requests.

KB0018 - An anonymous request was received in between authentication handshake requests.

Symptom #1

PowerShell Universal returns a 500 error when visiting the website that is using Windows Authentication. 

Symptom #2

When viewing the log file in C:\ProgramData\PowerShellUniversal or within the admin console under Settings \ General \Diagnostics, there is an error message with the following content: An anonymous request was received in between authentication handshake requests.

Root Cause

The root cause of this issue is an invalid or unconfigured SPN for the machine running PowerShell Universal. 


Ensure that an SPN has been correctly created within your domain. An example command would look like: 
  1. setspn -S HTTP/myservername.mydomain.com myuser
You can view configured SPNs by using the following command. 
  1. setspn -l myservername.mydomain.com
For more information, read our documentation on Windows Authentication

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