KB1002 - Ironman Software License Comparison

KB1002 - Ironman Software License Comparison

For Business and Organizations

Legal entities, including companies and organizations (both for-profit and non-profit), requiring the software for general commercial use qualify for the Commercial Subscription plans. A legal entity may use the software under Commercial Subscription on any computer, operating system, and by any developer within a legal entity, provided that the total number of concurrent users or servers (depending on product) never exceeds the number of subscriptions purchased by that legal entity.

For complete details, please check our standard Subscription License Agreement for Business and Organizations.

For Individual Users

If you, as an individual, are purchasing Subscription using your own funds, then the Personal Subscription plans are right for you.

Personal Subscriptions cannot be purchased by companies in any way or form, nor can a company reimburse an individual for a subscription he/she purchased. However, an individual may use Personal Subscription that he/she privately purchased on any hardware, including company hardware.

For complete details, please check our Subscription License Agreement for Individual Customers.

Subscription Options Comparison

Commerical SubscriptionIndividual Subscription
Available ToAny legal entity (companies and organizations, including non-profit and government).Private individuals purchasing with their own funds. Cannot be purchased or reimbursed by companies.
Billed ToLegal EntityPrivate Individual
License OwnerLegal EntityPrivate Individual
Multi-User LicenseYes — the total number of concurrent software users cannot exceed the number of purchased subscriptionsNo — software can be used solely by the person who purchased a subscription
License TermTime-limited, based on monthly and yearly subscription paymentsTime-limited, based on monthly and yearly subscription payments
Perpetual Fallback LicenseYes - Yearly SubscriptionsYes - Yearly Subscriptions
SupportCommunity, email and phone supportCommunity support
PowerShell UniversalLicensed per serverLicensed per individual user
PowerShell Pro ToolsLicensed per concurrent userLicensed per individual user

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