Dashboard does not start

Dashboard does not start

Version: PowerShell Universal 2.x
When attempting to start a dashboard, the dashboard either reports Start Failed or does not transition from Stopped. 
Root Cause and Resolution:
There can be multiple root causes for this issue. Each root cause has a different resolution. 
Terminating Error in Script During Start Up
If there is a terminating error in your script, it can prevent the dashboard from starting. You can identify if there is an error in the script by attempting to start the dashboard and then by clicking the Details for the dashboard and navigating to the Log tab. The error will be shown within the log. 
Resolve the error within the script to fix the issue. 
Syntax Error within Script
Syntax errors within scripts will prevent a script from starting. You can use an editor like VS Code or PSScriptPad to validate that there are no syntax errors within your dashboard script. Common syntax errors can be unclosed quotes or braces. You may not see an error in the Dashboard \ Details \ Log if there is a syntax error. 
Fix the syntax error to address this issue. 
Missing Environment
If you have assigned a specific environment to a dashboard and that environment is no longer available, the dashboard will fail to start. You will see an error in the PowerShell Universal log regarding the missing environment. 
Reset the environment to one that exists within PowerShell Universal to fix this issue. 
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